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Well, it seems that the hole I wrote myself into...fixed itself. I beat my head against the computer for DAYS trying to rewrite 10,000 words. Then, I decided to just replace the removed chapters. I pounded out 1,000 words in two days. Since I haven't written in almost three weeks, I'm pretty happy about that. I rearranged how a few things will play out, so that's super helpful.

And, as always when I reach this point of writing a book (always, I say. This is book 2) I'm starting to think of the next book. I really want to work on Broken Eden, but with some fundamental changes. I don't think, for instance, I'll change PoVs. I think I'd like to write that book from one perspective. I also need to add a few events. Maybe I'll brainstorm this week.

Since I'm on shortened hours, I'm trying to see the silver lining. I've been taking a daily walk with my kiddos and puppers, which makes everyone happy. I finally hit level 20 in Skyrim and been having a blast killing dragons (and decorating my new house. Boom) I'm taking the opportunity to enjoy a bit more time off, especially since my husband is still working. We are incredibly fortunate right now, so I am of the mind to appreciate it.

In any event, I'm going to get some writing done. I've got business at the center of a volcano!


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