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The Collection

Short Stories by C.A. Lightfoot

Below you will find links to the short stories published in the blog. These links will be updated as more titles are added. All works are property of C.A. Lightfoot and may not be duplicated or posted anywhere else. (Though saving for personal use is allowable.)

Magical Realism/Urban Fantasy

The Corpse Road

Corpse Roads were once used to keep the dead from haunting the living. One of these abandoned roadways in Yorkshire, England is haunted once more, but the Banisher charged with clearing it may be up against something more.

Magical Realism

Sabrina's Nereid

During a summer of caring for a billionaire's rare fish collection, Sabrina discovers a secret in an outbuilding that changes her life forever.

Urban Fantasy/ Romance

Forever and a Day

Charlotte returns to the woods where she was lost twenty years ago in search of someone that might have been nothing more than a dream.

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