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It's been a minute

And the only reason I haven't updated the blog is that I am writing so freaking much. Holy crap. Mercy of the Fallen has really taken off. It's at 26k words already with no signs of slowing down. I love this part. I literally love when the story takes over and I feel like I'm following around and taking down the report.

I may have decided to just self-publish Dark Ember first. I considered publishing Guardian, with a new title and all, but I would really rather have the sequel done or almost done by that point. It'll only be a duology, so once the second book is done, there won't be much waiting for readers.

That said, I'm hoping to put a few of my shorts into a small anthology, maybe set it up for free on Amazon and the site here. I want to start attracting readers before I set my big stuff up for sale. I know it may take a couple of years to really gain traction as a self-published author and I'm ok with that. I've waited this long.

The decision to self-publish seems to have set me free in many ways. I feel like I can write whatever I want and get it into the hands of readers, without having to impress agents or publishers. All of the feedback I've had for Dark Ember and The Guardian has been the same: You have talent, but the genre is too hard/niche/narrow. Like...what? I'm a reader of this genre, I want more books like the ones I am writing.

It's the crazy gatekeeping for me, you know?

In any event, I'm off to finish the next chapter of Mercy.


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