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Iced in...part three

Well, North Texas has been iced in since Monday. We ended up having just about an entire week off. Currently, I am doing online training for work, which is all sorts of fun...

I've been writing like crazy. Ever since making the decision to self-publish, I find that all the projects I've set aside suddenly have new life. I'm not so worried about catching the eye of a publisher or agent. Now I can write what I want without the daunting task of selling it to the industry, I can just worry about readers now.

I intend to go wide with distribution. I will even be looking into audiobooks at some point.

Right now, I've got a lot of small projects going. Mercy of the Fallen & Savage Sigil are the top two. I also have a book based on a meme about a half-dragon and an injured angel falls into a mortal's lap ready for drafting. Now, instead of seeing something I have to try selling to big publishers, I see books into reader hands. It is oddly freeing.

I've never written two at once but it is working right now. I'm enjoying myself, which is nice.

I'm on a little reading binge as well. I left my kindle at work before the ice-out, which sucks, but I have a lot of books at home so I've started on those.

Got up at 4am today thinking I'd have work. Nope. I may take a nap later. As soon as I finish this online training.

Hopefully it thaws later, starting to run out of groceries!

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