A Dark Attachment

Web Serial

Memphis Monroe has hunted ghosts and demons for twenty years, as part of her family's business. But one humid summer night in Virginia, a demonic attack changes everything.

Updated bi-weekly, A Dark Attachment is a horror/paranormal/magical realism story about one family's quest to save themselves from darkness.


Episode List

Episode One

Memphis Monroe has hunted the paranormal for 20 years. Its a family business. But encounter in Virginia changes her life forever.

Episode Two

Summary: The events in Virginia haunt Memphis in new ways.

Episode Three

Summary: Though Tony Monroe has been helping Memphis, the situation escalates into something he cannot handle.

Episode Four

Summary: Memphis and Tony learn more about Duncan before the demon attacks Memphis again. This time, in broad daylight.

Episode Five

Memphis and Duncan learn more about the case in Bishop. Marisol visits her husband's grave seeking comfort.

Episode Six

Marisol has an encounter with her husband. Duncan is attacked and the family gets a look at the creature that wants Memphis.

Episode Seven

In the aftermath of Azael's attack on Duncan, more truths of Jasper Monroe are revealed.