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Struggle Bus, ticket for one

You know, all through this pandemic, I've tried to keep my cool. Usually, my anxiety has the sky falling in record time, but I've managed to keep my crap straight. Maybe my anxiety hit the breaking point and moved me into numb, but that's another story.

I've hit a wall with Dark Ember, which isn't new. I've been in this ridiculously rough loop of not wanting to write, being too tired to write, or just not being able to concentrate.

I did get some ideas for Guardian's sequel, but when I tried to deal with that, Ember popped up and dropped a thousand words. Today? Crickets. Can we get some consistency?!

I'm still working, though my class is so small. I miss my pre-k kids. I wonder about them and how they are doing. My sweeties. My own children are enjoying time with Mimi while I work. My mother in law has been a rockstar! Shout out to the grandparents who step up in times of serious need.

I've been keeping my kiddos out of the childcare center I work in partially because of COVID-19 and partially to not be charged for their care. Working part time is NOT conducive to paying all of the bills.

Its got to be the stress keeping me from working on my writing. My brain feels slow, stunted. All I wanna do is play Skyrim and let the world sort itself out. UGH. Debbie Downer is on the struggle bus.

I'm hoping I can take another run at this damn book tomorrow. I'd hate to shelve it, I really would, since its 84k words done. Its just been a rough one.

I hope everyone is doing well, staying safe, and staying home.

Considering posting another short story to this sight, maybe the mermaid story that's been kicking around for a while OR my Southern Living witch that was supposed to be a novel but ended up a short story.

Oooh....that gives me an idea.


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