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Risen from the ashes

And the date is no coincidence. Happy Halloween month, my friends! Shall we get our spooky on? I'm on the hunt for a Maleficient costume to have fun with my class. Normally, by now, I'm headfirst into hoodies, boots, chili, and pumpkin spice...but when the heat index is still hitting triple digits, it doesn't feel much like fall.

Well, I'm back and going to be blogging more regularly again. No, I haven't found an agent, but I'm still plugging away at queries, but no bites yet. Its a bit disappointing. Its really disappointing. I'm making my way through, though.

On the plus side, I think I've got a new project to work on! Its a more paranormal fantasy lean than I'm typically drawn to. Its a story taking place in a little town in Texas. This town actually exists, but all I'm keeping is the name and the location.

The story follows a Siren named Remy James who works as a private investigator for the supernatural community. He returns to his tiny Texas hometown to find evidence that something dark is brewing. With help from a psychic named Tatum Hernandez, Remy digs deeper into the strange happenings in his community, coming face to face with a foe who may be beyond his skill.

I'm excited about the project!

This is the result of me FINALLY being able to read again. Its been months since I finished reading a book. I managed to grab some titles by my old faithful (Nora Roberts is not mortal) and plowed through 4 books in under a month. I feel GREAT. Inspired. Don't judge my book choice. Sometimes we all need a change of pace and I love Roberts work. Love her or hate her, she's one of the most successful authors on the planet.

I've also had a big change with my health. My fibro is OUT of control so my doc advised me to start an elimination diet. I've eliminated gluten. I'm doing ok with it so far. No huge changes yet, but we'll see.

Overall, life is good. Back to blogging. Back to my passion.

I'll post an excerpt of my new project tomorrow! See? Something to look forward to!

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