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One week closer

Last week, my word count ended up at 7700. Its not quite back to the 10k I was averaging for a few months there, but I'll definitely take it. After months of getting absolutely nothing done, getting 700-800 words a night is like heaven.

I just feel more like me when I'm writing.

Last night, I went back to the ending of a scene I didn't like and tried re-doing it. Of course, that didn't work out as planned. I got another 700 words done, but I'm still not certain about the scene. I do know that I was incredibly tired, so tired that when my husband got home from work I crashed. I think I left a dent in the couch.

After a two hour siesta, I even went to bed at the normal time. Me thinks I needed some damn sleep.

Anyway, I'm still working on that scene. Its a big deal, the villain finally revealed. I wasn't expecting this particular reveal or villain, really, but that's what happens when you write books without a cohesive outline. I rather enjoy the surprises.

I'm thinking, maybe, another 10k words for this book, and then I can start the first draft of something new while I let Dark Ember rest a while. I have some shorts I want to work on and submit, but I haven't had much feedback from my betas.

Finding people to actually read my stuff is getting harder and harder. I'm not sure why but its becoming pretty difficult to not take it personally, you know?

In any event, trying to get some work done today after my day job.

Hope everyone is staying safe.


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