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As I reach the end of Dark Ember (Last week I finally reached the dead realm!) I find myself looking to my next project. I tend to be motivated to write endings with the carrot and stick approach. I get to write this new thing if I finish the old thing. YAY.

One thing I have not really done for Faithless Guardian or Dark Ember is research. Most of those books were made from whole cloth. I love research. I've read books on random topics like Alexander the Great, Greek mythology, and my most obsessive obsession ever: Anne Boleyn. Seriously, don't bring up Queen Anne unless you have a few hours and don't mind flailing.

So, I've decided to combine a couple of ideas for books I've had floating around for a while. A lot of this next book (title still in the works) is inspired by my current (and recurring) obsession with paranormal investigations. Believe or don't believe but the methodical nature of these investigations is fascinating.

I'm recording episodes of Ghost Nation, Ghost Adventures, etc. (Ghost Adventures is my favorite. The guys react like normal people which is awesome). I purchased Ghost Adventures leader Zak Bagans' book "Ghost Hunting for Dummies" with the intention of purchasing his other books. I just need procedural books. Equipment guide, how they choose targets, etc. I'm toying with the idea of contacting them directly to see if they will give me direct answers. Worst they can say is no, right?

Prepping my next novel makes me want to finish my current one. I tend to set the old book down once the vomit draft is finished so I can go back to it with fresh eyes. I might have blown by my self-imposed deadline, but I'm getting back on track.

I think I can wrap Dark Ember up in 10-12 chapters, which isn't much. I can have it done by June 1st! This also gives me plenty of time to research and start plotting out my next novel.

Have I shared the premise? Oh. Here:

--Gabi Godfrey is a half-demon medium who investigates the paranormal with her priest father. In their travels, they have rarely discovered something they cannot handle. A high rise in Dallas, however, is plagued by something unnatural, something Gabi and Enoch have never seen. Just as they delve into the investigation, they are met by a winged angel, warning them that the evil presence is no demon. It is a rogue angel bent on destroying humanity, far more powerful than anything Hell has ever sent to Earth. Gabi and Enoch must fight an evil unlike any they have before and risk losing the only thing they have ever another.--

Its not perfect, but I like it. Hopefully I'll hash out more in the next few weeks as I play with the ending of Dark Ember!

Have a great week. I'll be updating on Wednesday and I'll have excerpts posted later this week!

Stay safe,


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