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Its always a fumble at the 5...

Never fails. I get within sight of the end and something knocks me on my backend.

I'm recovering from strep, which I've never had before. Saturday was so bad, I didn't get out of bed from 7am to 9pm unless it was to be sick. It was pretty scary. I've been weak and useless since then.

Heading back to work today, but I wasn't able to get the second to last chapter of my novel done because I overslept. Side effect of prednisone is insomnia and I was up all night. I might need an industrial vat of coffee.

On the flip side, having to take the pause gave me time to research synopses and highlight possible agents to query in the books I got. I'm also working on making myself a query tracker. Just little things I could do from bed because sitting up wasn't an option.

Still have my June 1st deadline in sight, though, so that's a relief. I know its a self-imposed deadline, but this one really worked for me. I've got the query stage in my damn sights. I can do this, I know I can!

Ok, now I have to head to work and try not feel like crap. Wish me luck, all!


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