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First week checkin

Well, that was a whirlwind of a week. I think I got more done in a writing sense in the last seven days than I have since June. Its really nice to feel like I have a handle on things. Lets make sure the momentum doesn't slow.

It seems I've had some new traffic here. Hello! Please, take a look around and don't hesitate to drop a line in the comments section. Also, subscribe to the mailing list to get notified every time the site is updated, which is going to be a lot.

A Dark Attachment is going swimmingly. I'm super excited for the next episode, which is in the works. I will also be posting short stories, the next going up on Wednesday. I'm trying to get some things done because when I have this root canal done (yikes) I may need a couple of days to recover.

Or, I'll power through and write anyway because I feel like a whole human right now.

Food for thought: I hadn't been reading much in the last few years. Sure, I devoured new books from my favorite authors, but I wasn't reading as a rule. I read an article in October of 2021 that told me American adults don't read because, since its not a way to make money, its considered a waste of time.

I yanked myself up short at that. Since then, I've read 4 books. Its not as much as I want, but I've been slowly carving up more time for it. I re-read Kingdom of Ash by Sarah J Maas with my work bestie (*waves at work bestie*) in like a week. We're embarking on more reading together, with stacks of books already procured for the task. Maybe it's all the reading and talking about books that's revving me up to write. I don't know. Its awesome though.

In other news, I'm doing a 21-day fast and I've given up sugar. Even in my coffee. Y'all, I might need some good vibes with this one.

Oh! I am now on Instagram @ca.lightfoot! If you're into that sort of thing, give me a follow over there. You can find me on Twitter as well @CA_Lightfoot.

I'm off this morning to get a few more words done on the nereid story that I'm posting this week. Next short will be an adult play on Hansel & Gretel.

I love having my own little corner of the web. Everyone have a great start to your week!

Added a pic of my precious puppy, Pepper Potts, because she is my writing companion and everyone should see her gorgeous face!


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