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Editing is so weird...

And daunting. By the time you really sit down to fix the mess that is your "Vomit" draft. you usually have some idea of what needs to be fixed.

Then you get into it and the HOLES appear. Like, damn, I didn't flesh that out. Damn, I need to expand on this. Dude, I didn't even WRITE THAT IN, no wonder its confusing at the end.

In my case, I am completely reworking a character, so everything involving him has to be redone. As I get into it, I've already added 4 scenes, and about 10k words. This is great, the story structure is making more sense, I'm fleshing characters out, working on the subplot that will lead into the second book, and I have to rework the ending.

Damn, writing that out is exhausting.

But the more I move along (I'm into act 2, which is AWESOME), the more I want to work on it. I have to shelve the other project for while, simply because I'm making SO MUCH progress on Guardian right now.

This book is 7 years in the making. No matter what other projects I've worked on, I always come back to Dover Ellis and her story. Its the story I've always wanted to read, and so the story I want to tell. Its paranormal fiction, its supernatural romance, it's war, and love, and grief, and the dichotomy of good vs evil.

That makes it sound like my book is the next Lord of the Rings. Maybe it's not that great, but hey, didn't it take Tolkien like 12 years to write that book?

My point is, I love this book. I want nothing more than one other person in the world to love it as I do. The characters are so dear to me, the story something I've been working on for so long. I know the book has potential. I just can't wait for others to see what it could be.

I'm getting up at 5am every day to work on this. Its a labor of true love, it really is.

Ok, back to work this morning! I'm almost done with a new scene!

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