• C.A. Lightfoot

Dark Ember

I'm back to my symbiotic dragons. I can't seem to let it go. And my main character likes to hop around in the back of my head doing a VERY impressive mockery of Toothless' mating dance in Hidden World.

There's an image for you!

I don't have much in the way of writing updates. I really need to get back in the game.

For now, enjoy a sliver of Dark Ember:

The thwack of her bow told Rex that Swift had engaged something on her side, so he kept his eyes on the one tracking him. His heavy-bodied foe snarled meanly as it rushed him, sending leaves and dirt flying up from beneath its feet. Rex fired twice more, the crack of his Glock echoing in the little wooded area.

Maybe someone would call the cops about shots fired, but you never could be certain in Texas.

When it closed the distance between them, Rex pulled the Glock down and swung his left fist with all of his might. Years training as a boxer in his youth came in handy now, though the pain that splintered through his arm at contact with the hulking beast’s thick body brought instant regret. He widened his stance, dropped the gun, and swung twice more in rapid succession. His fists screamed with agony, but Rex continued, pushing the creature back one step.

Already exhausted, Rex stared the thing down, aware that another had stepped into his personal space from behind him.

“There you are, mage.”

Not a Ravener, then. Rex turned, crouched, trying to find the gun on the ground as he skittered away from both man and beast. They gave immediate chase, alerting the creature that lived in his head to the danger. It snapped its head up, turned it a swift circle, then shouldered Rex aside.

He felt it slither beneath his skin, filling in the space between soul and flesh. Flame kicked to life on the heels of it, burning the inside of him while causing no pain. He welcomed the fire now, growing accustomed to the smoldering ember it ignited in his belly.


The creature grunted happily as Rex gave himself over, allowing the creature to take him under the current of its power.

His eyes drifted close, a ridiculous decision given his current state of immediate peril, but he couldn’t help himself. Allowing this creature to take more control felt, oddly, homey.

When Rex Muñoz opened his dark eyes once more, the blaze ignited inside of him had erupted, covering his body with flame.


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