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I've been uploading, piece by piece, my first novel to this site. Eventually, I'd like to have a way to download the entire thing for a very low price directly from here. I'm working on that, and making it so that my shorts, the web serial, etc can also be downloaded onto Nook/Kindle devices.

The Demon's Genesis, or Book II of the Atlanta Guardian Chronicles, is well under way. I'm having a good time returning to the world I built initially. Tarc Desmond, the protagonist of TDG, was supposed to be an incredibly minor character. Isn't it funny how that works?

Oh, I've also got a short in the works for Halloween. Its a bit of a twisted fairytale in the modern world, called Southern Style Witch. I've had the idea for years, so it's nice getting it out of my head, finally.

What else is going on? Oh! The next episodes of A Dark Attachment are also in the works. Once this first little bit wraps up, it'll turn into a bit of an episodic series, a little monster-of-the-week style. I'm considering the first few chapters almost a prequel to what is coming next.

So far, the writing is actually going well. Hopefully, I'll get more done as softball season wraps up for my girls. Its literally softball like 4-5 days a week and we love it. Sports families are a different breed!

I hope everyone is doing well and having a spectacular spooky season!

The Guardian updates tomorrow!

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