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Changing the narrative

I don't mean in the sense of writing.

As I've talked about for months, I've been dealing with one hell of a writer's block.

Funny part about that is I used to not believe in writer's block. I'm not actually sure I do believe in it, not as its own entity. I do know that over the last months, everything that's gone down in this dumpster fire that is 2020, I haven't written much.

A far cry from the beginning of the year when I set some pretty lofty goals. I wanted to push myself, to work harder, to reach higher goals. All I've done thus far is bang my head against the proverbial table to a tune of "useless, empty brain".

Part of my problem (and coincidentally my success) is that I strive with routine. I love me some routine. I love my days having roughly the same shape. Maybe that's why I love being a prek teacher, we have to deal in routines and schedules.

So, I've been banging my head against wall while trying to stay with my old routine. That, obviously, isn't working.

When my work schedule changed, I figured I'd keep trying to old routine.

Spoiler alert: I got no where.

This week, I finally caved. I changed the routine. Having to be at work at 6:30am means writing at 5, getting kids ready, and being ready myself isn't happening. Hubby has begun working nights, which means I now have an hour or so between my bedtime and the kids' bedtime.

What'd I do? Yeah, I started taking the laptop to bed. I started writing at night which is completely against the grain for me. What I am happy to report is that I've actually been writing. 1300 words in two days. I mean, what else can a writer ask for?

I'm still a creature of routine, but maybe I can get back on track by just changing a few things in the routine?

I guess time will tell.


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