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A Tale of Two Novels

Most of the people in my life are familiar with the book I've been working on for nearly 7 years. Its the first in a series and the series as a whole changes every now and then. I absolutely love this book. Its the book I've always wanted to read. My main protagonist is the character I've always wanted to write.

The problem is, I keep second guessing it. I know that the rule is: first time authors don't get picked up for series. However, there are enough exceptions to this rule that it gives me pause. I know the book has potential, especially once its done editing.

So, I've decided to send it to someone who doesn't know me on a personal level. I've made a few writer friends in the various seminars I've taken. (By the way, I find those so helpful. Get some business cards and sign up for some courses/conferences. You won't regret it.) I think it's time to take Dover Ellis out for a spin.

I've been writing this book since just after my daughter was born. She'll be seven in April. I feel like this book is another child. I've labored over it, I've struggled with it, I've been disappointed, but I never gave up. I haven't abandoned it, I KNOW there is something in this book. I know someone out there will love it.

I also have the new novel. Similar subject matter with a new spin. I really like the few chapters I've written. I like the characters and, though this story is more contained, I know it has potential. I can't abandon that one either.

So, I'm taking the deep breath and charging forward. I'm going to write two novels at once.

Lets see how this goes.

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