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WWD: Path to Publication

Tonight, I took another class from Writing Workshops Dallas. I cannot recommend them enough. Since January of 2019, I've taken several classes from WWD. I've taken classes on querying, the #ownvoices movement in publishing, goal setting, you name it. I even took a class on writing dialogue, which came in SUPER handy when finishing Dark Ember.

Every time I take a class with them, I leave it (even on Zoom) so pumped up it isn't funny. Maybe its the meeting of like minds, or how the instructors really seem to care about the students, I don't know. I love seeing other writers, hearing their stories, and learning more about this passion of mine.

Tonight, I got to take a class on publication from Blake Kimzey. This guy is the definition of "writer with a day job". He gave us some background on his long, and ongoing, journey as a writer. He told us the things that helped him keep going, even to the tune of 650 rejections over the years.

We were given tools and links, information on where to find the agents we're looking for, how to locate those lit mags you might want to submit to.

But the most important thing I got out of tonight is the stubbornness of it all. You just can't give up. You can't let yourself get bogged down in all the no's. It takes one yes. Just one to change everything.

I've made it well known that I have one goal with my writing. I want to make a living as a writer, nothing else. I want to write, promote, and sell books for a living. I don't need the meteoric rise of JK Rowling or Stephen King. I'd take a few people coming to a reading to tell me that my book is a favorite. I want to sign a battered, dog-eared, well-loved copy of my book, because the weathered nature of the thing tells me how beloved it is.

I know this path is not an easy one. Thanks to Blake and WWD, I have a lot more tools in my kit than I did 2 years ago. More than anything, though, I've found a community. I've found other writers who understand what I am going through, who want to take this ride together. It is that feeling of not being alone in a lonely sort of art form that makes it so wonderful.

Tonight made me want to write. It made me want to find MORE agents to query, more publishers to try. I have 2 books to send out and I do think it's time I get to querying again.

Thanks, Blake. And thank you to Writing Workshops Dallas for always making me remember why I do this and convincing me I can.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week.


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