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Work work work

This week has been going relatively well. I started working on the revamp of A Dark Attachment and even made a cover for it (though it may not be the final) to get a feel for it.

I am considering if I want to start with a few short stories I've posted here. I could put them up on a few of the websites for a free download, or compile them into a small anthology.

I have The Corpse Road, Sabrina's Nereid, Southern Living Witch, and Forever and a Day. The last one is solid romance while the others are solidly not. I could mix them all up into an anthology, though, and make it available for download here on the site and on Amazon and others. I really just want to start testing out the process of formatting and uploading. I've been tooling around with editing tools, which has been more satisfying than I expected it to be.

As I was talking to my eldest on the phone last night, I had an epiphany. I think I am going to completely rewrite The Guardian and maybe make it a stand-alone. It'll take, basically, a complete re-do, but I'll import the characters into a new world, rename the whole thing, and give it new life. I absolutely love the characters in that novel, I couldn't just shelve them forever, but I don't know when/if I'll get the 'series' to work. Maybe it was never meant to. Maybe I can change it into a more ensemble piece and go from there.

For now, my current project is still A Dark Attachment. I want to get that done and published before the end of June. Then, I'll work on getting Dark Ember ready for publishing.

I'm so ready for this step. I've been ready forever. I don't know why I resisted so long! It's been so great getting to this point, really.

Realizing that I can do this on my own is, maybe, the best thing about turning 40 so far.

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