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Whoa/Dark Ember Update

My last blog post has been selected to appear on the blog of an organization I respect SO much! I can't believe it. This can't be true, can it? I almost don't even want to post that, but I'm gonna. I'm so thrilled to have been asked! Watch this space for more.

Also here's a little piece of Dark Ember for your reading pleasure!

“Dude, I don’t think this is the place to be whipping out your little friend.”

His warning fell on deaf ears. Jonas’ hands flew up, plastic bag and all, to protect his face as flame erupted. The heat was unimaginable, scorching and burning so brightly that Jonas felt the keen need to avert his entire body.

Hands gripped his arm and Jonas pried open one eye to find that Swift had located them.

“What is he doing?” The half-Elf hissed.

“I haven’t a clue.” Jonas replied honestly. “He has an egg or something in his hands.”

Before either of them could move, they heard a distinct crack. It resonated in the quieting cavern a beat before the flame engulfing Rex died. Jonas put his arms down, blinking away the stars from his eyes. A crowd had gathered, pressing closer as Jonas and Swift stepped toward Rex.

His friend turned to him, his open palms revealing a little serpentine creature happily nuzzling his thumb.

“Dude.” Jonas said clinically. “What the hell is that?”

“A worm.” Swift answered as the crowd murmured. “I thought…”

“A worm?” Jonas asked. “It looks like a dragon.”

“A wyrm, w-y-r-m.” Swift sighed. “A sort of cross between a snake and a dragon. I haven’t heard of one hatching in centuries.”

Jonas peered at the little thing, only slightly larger than Rex’s palm. It was crimson, with a long snout and serpentine body. A pair of wings fluttered at its back, though it seemed more comfortable on its four skinny legs. It looked at Rex with eyes of pure obsidian, a mane of gold scales rising on the back of its head.

“I can get a fortune for that thing!” The vendor had returned, his eyes alight with pleasure. Jonas had a sick feeling in his stomach.

“Fortune?” Rex asked, an odd sort of frown on his face. Jonas had known his friend since high school, he had never seen that expression on his face.

“A dormant egg is one thing!” The vendor continued, seemingly heedless to the danger. “But a living wyrm? That’s a fortune!”

“Rex.” It was Swift reaching out for his arm. “This creature isn’t ours. You can’t take it.”

“It doesn’t belong to anyone.” Rex replied, his tone sorrowful. “It’s a sentient creature, not like a goat or a dog. It speaks.”

Pain crossed Swift’s features. Jonas became aware of the crowd pressing in on them, the whispers among them. If Rex hadn’t been safe with that creature in his body before, he was becoming more unsafe every second that ticked by.

“You could buy it, boy," said the dwarf.

Swift shot the vendor a look filled with venom.

“Doesn’t have to be money, you know.” The dwarf continued. “I could take something else, something more precious.”

--Have a great day!--


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