• C.A. Lightfoot

Vacay vibes...

Well, really those vibes were at a high yesterday. We've got the camper set up and I had a wine cooler in my hand on more than one occasion. (Yes, I drink wine coolers like a teenager circa 1996 and I'm not ashamed!)

We're staying out at a kid-oriented park here in Texas, and though its been a little rainy and dreary, we've had an amazing time in under 24 hours. This has been much needed for my little family.

I hope to get some writing done this afternoon. Lucky for me, this family trip also included a beloved (adult) little sister, so I can actually take some time away to do my writing while I'm out here in the "wilderness". I feel refreshed and ready to work already. Our vacation didn't technically start until yesterday, but the weekend was a nice prologue.

I intend to post later today or tomorrow a review of Captain Marvel, which I was so happy to take in with a fantastic group of nerdfriends! I want to dedicate an entire blog post to that review, though, since Carol Danvers deserves the HELL out of it.

I haven't dropped off the planet, but lets see how much I can actually get done on this vacation without infringing on the vacation!


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