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Vacation 10 minus 5...

Updated: Mar 12

Oh, yeah. I've got actual vacation coming up. Not traveling, though. Staycation, baby. I'm so excited to have 10 days off. My girls are as well. Normally, we have to get up even on breaks at the butt-crack of dawn to go to work with me, so the girls are super excited about having time off.

We are going to do some fun stuff out in our area, and mix in days where we don't change out of our PJs.

While we're on our little break, I'm hoping to get some worldbuilding done. My problem right now is I'm not sure what the hell I am going to write next. I have like four novel ideas vying for attention and its driving me nutso. I've got dragons, angels, and vampires over here all jumping up and down wanting to be next. Its difficult to just pick one.

I definitely want to write a romance, though.

Just finished Sarah J Maas' House of Sky and Breath. Oh man, plot twist. The woman kills me. I had a couple of issues with the book, just a few little plot devices I wasn't fond of. Its kind of nice to find a flaw in someone I so admire. (Literally just minor gripes, but it makes me feel better. Sue me.)

Almost done with my AutoCrit class and its bumming me out. I have had SUCH a great time with this class. I've learned way more than I expected to. Its been awesome. I have a Zoom lecture tonight and one more next week. Its so much fun though.

Got a few more rejections for Dark Ember. So discouraging. Oh well. I'm giving it a little more time, but starting to seriously consider self-publishing. I'll need to do some research and classes and carve out more time for socials. I don't know. Decisions, decisions.

Off to work for today. So much to consider while I'm wrangling little monsters.

Have a great day!


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