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There's your trouble

Last week wasn't good for me. I've been very tired, and in a lot of pain. I haven't had pain like this since June, when I had facet injections done. After 8 years of pain, having a couple of weeks without it was a big relief. However, now pain is returning. Ugh. I guess I need to call my doctor.

In any event, I did not get any writing done last week. Actually, I got around a thousand words on Monday. I've stopped being selfish about my writing time. That always bites me in the backend. When I stop making sure I have time and everyone has to leave me alone DURING that time, I stop writing.

I think I need to block off 7:30pm to 8:30pm. That means, dinner earlier and all but, doable. I need to be selfish with my time if nothing else.

I've gotten to the point that the end is soooo close. I want to work on something else. I hate that feeling. Its not boredom, but a little like it. I need something new, something interesting, you know?

I haven't decided what I want to write next, but I have time to think about it.

As for the virus we find ourselves in, we've decided to do online school for my 3rd grader. My job will have an elearning classroom for school aged kids, which is a major blessing. I think it'll be not only helpful but maybe a touch safer for her and us. If I come down with COVID, I'm toast. My body can barely handle life as it is, it won't deal with COVID.

Time to work this Monday. I will have Excerpts posted this week so stay tuned! Subscribe so you never miss a post!


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