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The Next Level

A couple of days ago, I made the decision to forgo the search for a traditional publishing contract for the first time. Since writing my first book, I've been encouraged to take this route. I resisted for years. I wanted that contract. I wanted Tor or DelRey to come calling. I wanted to be that traditional author.

Letting go of that wasn't as painful as I'd thought.

I've had goo feedback on several rejections. My writing is good, my story seems interesting. I always get the same rejection "Just not my cup of tea". Ok. I can respect that. But I know my book is good.

So, taking the plunge and deciding that I am going the way of the author-entrepreneur has done something to me. I am energized and excited, though admittedly, terrified. I know I have a mountain's worth of work ahead of me. After so many years holding my book out to agents who couldn't care less, though, I'm ready.

Of course, I'm trying to find information and there's a lot of that out there. I've been listening to Joanna Penn over at Her books and podcast have been amazing. I feel more equipped already. Making my lists, taking the steps.

I've been popping out of bed at 4am because I can't wait to keep going. The last time I was this wound up I'd just finished The Guardian and was starting the submission process. Hopefully, this goes a little better than that did.


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