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The iron is hot

I just can't seem to stop writing. I know, why is that a problem? Its not. I'm not even kinda complaining. I can't believe how much I am writing this year.

I'm almost done with A Dark Attachment Episode Four. I'm loving writing this thing. Its so much fun and gives me an excuse to watch even more paranormal shows under the "Its research!" header.

I've done almost 10,000 words this month alone. My new vampire book is currently at 7,500 words. I've written most of ADA's next episode which sits at 1,400 as of this morning. 8,900 words and its not even Valentine's Day.

I love this. I'm working long hours at work and my body is screaming at me, but the muse, man. She's yanking me around by the ear. I'm here for it.

Monday February 14th the next episode of A Dark Attachment goes live at 6am. I'm moving it earlier for those of you who like to get some reading in early morning.

Also, going to work on my Hansel & Gretel retelling short. Why not? I'm on a roll.

Have a great day, everyone!


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