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Still chugging on

I might have a low word count for the last month, but I haven't given up. Seeing as that's my go-to when writing gets tough, I'm pretty proud of myself. I haven't stopped, though my mornings have been later and my output almost nothing. Still, not giving up.

Yesterday, I managed to re-read some of Dark Ember and do a little tweaking, made some notes, etc. I count anything I actually did as writing in some aspect.

We're still in this nebulous time when everything is uncertain. With my reduced hours, one would think I'd be writing more. However with my 4 and 8 year olds at home, not a lot of that gets done once they're awake. Add to it that I still have a home to maintain (which is much more lived-in) and online school to help with...I play a lot of video games. I know. I should be more productive, but I'm actually enjoying having a bit of downtime.

I can't stress myself out about COVID-19 or my writing. Its just making everything worse. So, I'm going to keep working, slowly chipping away at the end of this damn novel. I'm getting there, its just SO SLOW compared to a few weeks ago when I was churning out a thousand words a sitting without breaking a sweat.

One good thing about going back to read is that I am realizing, again, how much I really love this book. Its been such a pleasure to write. The characters, I think, are fun and human (even the non-human ones) I feel like the plot is fresh, the pacing is good, and that there is enough action balanced with emotion to keep the reader interested.

I know its chic to downplay your own work, we're even trained to do so. I stopped being self deprecating a year ago and its changed a lot. I know I have a good book, if only I could finish it.

As for the Guardian, I changed the title back to FAITHLESS GUARDIAN and sent it out to a few publishing houses. Might be a long time before I hear something, but here's hoping.

Going to write for a while, then head back to Skyrim. Be on the lookout later today for more pieces of Guardian and Dark Ember!

Stay safe out there,


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