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Snow falling on Texas

Well, even if I haven't been online much because, I'm actually writing, I'm in an interesting predicament at the moment.

Snow has fallen in Texas since last week, including ice, sleet, and all the fun parts of a winter superstorm. The only problem is that, my beloved State has absolutely no way to deal with weather of this magnitude. We missed a day of work last week due to ice and I haven't seen my workplace this week at all.

We were victim of rolling blackouts, the time between having power stretched longer and longer. Since we are still in the camper, our place got very cold. Lucky for us, my in-laws live less than five miles away and have not lost power or water as yet. So, we packed up my husband, kids, and dogs and bailed out to Mimi's house.

We're safe and warm now. Hubs continuously checks on our little home to be sure there is no damage.

I get that some people are used to this kind of weather, but this event is once in a lifetime here. We don't have the equipment, knowledge, or infrastructure to deal with something like this. Here's hoping when we hit above freezing, everything is fine.

In true Texas style, those with power have been helping neighbors, friends, and family by taking them in to keep them warm, safe. We've still had loss of life, which hurts my heart.

We will get through this unprecedented weather event, but at what cost?


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