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Rhama Blackbane & Swift Endicott

If I could just write these two, I'd have 3 books done by now.

It took me almost a MONTH to write ONE chapter from another character's perspective. (This book follows 5-6 protagonists and its necessary for the story structure) It always seems to take me forever to write from Rex, Jonas, or even Mercy's PoV.

Then I get to Rhama and Swift. First of all, Rhama isn't supposed to exist. He was a toss aside character meant to intro Orcs with a nod to Swift way back in chapter 6. (Or somewhere around there) Now, he's my wonderful Orc Princeling that I would take a bullet for. He's, arguably, my favorite character I never created. When you get him with Swift, I can't make them shut up. Words just flow. I could write them forever.

It got me thinking and then overthinking that I need to restructure the whole book. I've since come to my senses and realized some characters are just easier to write. I don't know why. Maybe its because they are more open personalities or just have an easier voice to capture. Either way, I love writing these two. I hope people enjoy reading them someday.

Dark Ember has reached 95k words. And this beast isn't done. I can't even gauge how much longer this thing will be. I know a LOT of the earlier parts will end up on the cutting room floor, though I can't see HOW at this point. I thought I had streamlined this thing pretty well. I don't know what happened.

I do know that every chapter makes me love this thing more. I know I have a good book here, even if we're not supposed to toot our own horns. I don't care. I know I have a nice book on my hands. I can't wait to start sharing it with people.

Just some thoughts before heading to bed. I hope I have another successful writing week.

I hope all of you have a great week.


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