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Read my shorts

I had a whole other blog post written up, but my internet burped and the auto-save feature apparently failed so, this is round two.

Decided to put a photo of myself up, since I rather like that one. I've lost 80lbs since 2020, and with me turning 40 in a couple of months, I think its a huge accomplishment. Having doctors believe me when I say something is wrong has made a huge difference.

What I wanted to write about today was the shorts I have upcoming! I've been struggling on the novel front and the last time this happened, I took a break and did some fanfiction. I'm still doing that, no you cannot have my handle. I will never reveal it, thank you. Some of my best and worst work is attached to it. No thanks.

Anyway, in honor of spooky season (which you know I love if you're even close to my Instagram) I'm going to concentrate on a few shorts coming up. I've got a comedic-horror in mind that's a play on Hansel & Gretel that I'll get up soon, I swear. A Dark Attachment will have a new episode in a week or so and I'm going to twist a myth or two as well. I have all of these miscellaneous (Holy crap, I spelled that right in one shot *swish*) ideas in my head and I need to remember, not everything needs a novelization.

Some things can be short scenes with no background or future. As much as that HURTS MY SOUL because I am a novelist at my core, I gotta make room in my head.

I'm also going to commission some artwork to go along with these, since I absolutely love having artwork done. I have two pieces (one was commissioned as a gift long ago and the other I commissioned this year) and I have a collector's need to purchase more. MORE.

In any event, I'm here. I feel great and there is content a-comin', y'all. Its spooky season. Lets do this!

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