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On pins and floorsensors

I need to watch Ocean's 11 again. And Ocean's 8.


I've sent my book, Dark Ember, to a few people for a first read. One of my managers at work, also a writer, has been reading it and loves the beginning. As that is someone I immensely respect, you can guess how exciting that was for me to hear.

I also found a couple of Betas online. I'm going to do a few professional once-overs when I have time and money, but for now I'm just looking for initial feedback. Did I leave a massive plot hole, are my characters 2 dimensional, etc.

This part is always nerve wracking. What will people say? What if I'm proud of it and it's absolute shit? Ugh. I hate self-doubt, so why do I keep inviting it back? I've got to get a better lock on my mental door.

Still, I am proud I made it this far. I'm starting the agent-search, query letter, synopsis dance again. I've been encouraged to keep trying to sell Guardian, so I intend to retool some things with it and start sending it out again.

Just takes one yes, right?

Two books. I've written two whole books. I still can't get over it.

I'm worldbuilding on my new book. This one is Versailles meets True Blood. European royal courts from the 15-17th centuries but with magic, vampires, shifters, and necromancers, oh my! The worldbuilding is SO MUCH FUN. I have a lot to do, but without an actual word count to track, its kind of leaving me...adrift. Must fix that.

My girls are playing softball, which is really running me ragged. Hoping tonight won't have practice or anything. Maybe I can get more done.

I hope everyone has a wonderful day!


Edit: I had so many typos. That's what I get for not proofing!

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