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An intro to one of the races in my new novel:

They left the first ledge, picking through the crowd toward the second. Here they found a clothier and cobbler and the smithy.

Orcs working leather and metal continued their song, paying no mind as people stopped to stare. Tall and bulky with skin ranging from pale grey to dark green, Orcs had a flare for the beautiful and skill with their massive hands.

They sang together to keep time, to make the work enjoyable as they wished all things to be. Thick black hair, kept long and braided to protect it from flame and blade, swept past their shoulders.

Orcs were, even in Peralt, a rare sight.

Swift paused, admiring the leather armor hanging on a nearby rack. The supple material was very fine, indeed, crafted with care and precision.

The Orc working at a bench nearby lifted his head, still singing. Swift nodded with appreciation, receiving a tusk-laced smile for her effort.

The rich, deeply melodic voices of Orcs swelled with song, mingled with the scrape of a tanning knife and the metallic clang of hammer and anvil.


I'm CRUSHING my goals this week. Dark Ember is chugging right along and I am LOVING every bit of it. Mixing urban fantasy with high fantasy, a HF world within our modern era, is SO much fun. My characters are fleshing themselves out nicely. Words are POURING out.

I'm having a good week. Hope you are as well!


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