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Little update...

I don't know which part of this writing journey I'm on. I have a couple of novels under my belt, have had one full manuscript request that turned into nothing. Lately, I have been putting my work here on the site, basically for something to do with it.

Since I started with The Guardian here, I've actually had some inspiration about the sequel. I have been working on that a lot, along with the shorts I've wanted to get done,

There's a haunted house anthology taking submissions, I may go ahead and submit A Dark Attachment's first chapter as it can stand alone. Could be fun.

Let's see. I'm working on getting Guardian's links all together, the way ADA's are. Sometimes I forget how long adding to the site takes.

Man, everything takes a long time, it seems! I'll have to work on more tonight.

Commissioning some art this fall. Ooooh. I love art. I love it. I especially love it when someone brings my characters to life. Seriously. It's amazing. I can't wait.

Ok, got some work to do, including uploading more chapters. Hope everyone has a wonderful day!


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