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Just when you want to give up...

I'll admit it, I haven't blogged or written in weeks because I've been profoundly discouraged by the lack of response to my queries. I realize everyone gets rejected and everyone has down moments, but I truly love the book I have written. I know it's good. The idea that NO ONE wanted to even READ it wore down my pride and my ambition.

Until yesterday.

I sent a couple of queries yesterday on a lark, not really expecting much. I readied the kids for school, headed off to work, and continued on my day.

Then I got an email. I thought it was just a "Query received" receipt, you know? But when I opened it, I found that one of the agents I had queried that same morning wanted to read my novel.

Holy. Hell.

Talk about a boost. Even if she doesn't want to represent the book, SOMEONE in the LITERARY community wants to READ MY BOOK. I still can't really believe it.

This morning, I awoke ready to roll again. I brewed the coffee (well, I woke up to it brewing. Thank GOD for automatic coffee machines), got dressed, and fired up the laptop. I sent three more queries today. I also started working on chapter 3 of Dark Ember. (someone on Twitter gave me the comparison to Spidey-sense and now I can't get "Fire Drake Sense is tingling" out of my damn mind. I love Twitter)

So, I sent more queries. I'm writing. I feel fantastic, aside from the allergy cough and laryngitis I can't seem to shake.

Heading to work. It's gonna be a good damn day.


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