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Just keep swimming...

Well, I'm slowly climbing out of that funk I've had. I am diligently working on A Dark Attachment's next episode, which is going to be one of my favorites, I think. I'm finally delving into the origins of Memphis' attachment and the creature haunting her family.

Still no traction on Dark Ember, which is saddening. I still haven't completely given up hope. Next week, I am going to send out some more queries and cross my fingers. I spent a while last week re-reading my second novel and I really do enjoy it. I wish someone else, ANYONE else, had read it so I could get a gauge on reader reaction. Maybe I need to bite the bullet and pay some beta readers.

As for work, well that's been a whole other ball of stress. The country wide staffing shortage is frustrating. I totally understand it and I get that being short-staffed creates its own problems, but damn. I find myself consistently left holding the bag. You'd think I would be used to it by now.

Still on the fence about which novel to work on next, but I am going to start posting Guardian as a web serial here on the site starting in June. The novel is complete, and I may start work on the sequel later this summer. I do enjoy my first novel, which is Shadowhunters meets Dominion. I think I'll give it another polish and then start it up this summer as an episodic series. Why not? Its been sitting on my hard drive for, like, the last four years. Might as well shake it out, see what happens. Perhaps I'll even add a download option if someone wants to read it in its entirety, for under $5. So much to think about.

Health-wise, I am doing better! The bursitis in my hip is improving, thank goodness and because my therapist is awesome, I've been given a device for electrotherapy which has changed the game. I'm no longer downing Motrin like Skittles and the pain is so much better. Shocking what happens when someone listens to you! With that reduction in pain and improvement of mobility, I've been sleeping better, feeling better. As someone with chronic pain, that's a big deal.

Work work work. I am so excited to finally get through this darker spot. Hopefully, it'll be a good summer!


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