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Oops, I did it again...

As I tend to do by now, I've been AWOL for some weeks. Most of this is due to another, yes another medical issue I have had to fight. Some gut issues have been taking over my life, changing my diet and basically everything. It has been a long, rough fight. I'm not even sure the fight is over yet. Candida Overgrowth is just too much.

So, my writing has suffered. As I dealt with symptoms of die-off, which made me feel like I was dying, I sort of gave up on life. There were days when I didn't eat anything, when all I could do was concentrate to keep my stomach from overturning. And sleeping. Man, I've been sleeping so much.

Hopefully, the worst of all that is behind me. I'm feeling better! I'm within 10lbs of my ultimate weight-loss goal, so that is exciting. Thus far, I've lost 70lbs. That's like...almost a whole person! I'm working now on toning my muscles and seeing if I can get rid of some flabbier bits, but I'm honestly not that fussed about it. I'm so proud of what I've managed to accomplish.

No news on the agent search. I'm going to start looking again this week. I'm almost certain I'm going to end up just posting Guardian on here. Maybe I'll self-publish it. Who knows? I'd need an editor first, right? Maybe some illustrations to go with it.

I do intend to update A Dark Attachment as soon as I can. I'm so frustrated that I got off track when I was doing so dang well! Back to work this week.

As for my next novel, since Dark Ember is still out for query, I'm debating. I've got the angel/demon one in the works, the high fantasy political thriller (Versallies meets GoT), another high fantasy based on that half-dragon meme, and my retold Persephone/Hades myth. So MUCH to choose from.

So, I've got my work cut out for me. I'm going to tool around this week with admin stuff and see what starts tickling my brain. Hopefully something gets a fire lit under my backside. I miss my writing, my characters, living in my imagination. It gets lonely being an adult in the stupid real world.

Oh, and I've got to finish a couple of shorts for the site! Man, I have work to do. Catch y'all later!


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