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Just keep swimming...

So, there's definitely a change in which characters I'm writing. I had to switch PoVs today and man, writing Rex and Jonas is pulling teeth compared to Rhama and Swift. Its a little insulting.

In any event, I've completed 2 chapters this week. I have written over 3000 words, which I haven't done in MONTHS. I've been keeping to my new routine and, thank goodness, its working.

Also, I've been READING. Not just the craft books I've downloaded onto my Kindle. I finished a damn novel this week that I have been working on since March. It was a great book and now I want to write and read even more. I feel as though the blocks I was beating my head against all this time have finally dissipated.

Of course, I'm too aware that another block could be just down the line. I'm trying to avoid thinking about that and being proud of my progress.

I've been reading a book on character arcs, which I think may help not only with my next novel (Either Broken Eden or The Demon Genesis) but with the edits I will have to do on Dark Ember. I mean, DE is already at 98,000 words and I'm not even to the major battle. I know I'm going to have to slice and dice in the editing phase, but I'll burn that bridge when I get there.

I feel so great. Writing. Reading. Taking care of my family. I hate to say this 180 turn is because I had that back procedure done, but being able to sleep and function without pain cannot be dismissed out of hand.

Feeling good is massively underrated.


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