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So, I am going to actually activate the Patreon account I made like 3 years ago and put up a couple of my novels as web serials, with updates weekly. I intend to have a couple of tiers, one of which may include some illustrations.

I have short stories I can publish, a completed novel and two WIP novels that would easily transfer into a serial. I intend to leave Dark Ember as a novel seeking an agent when it is done. I'm giving myself an April 1st launch date to a) finish Dark Ember, b) set up book covers from Upwork, and c) make sure I have enough content to not have to KILL myself for a couple of months.

If I continuously create content, I won't be super pressured, and I'll still have new stuff for the site.

I think I want to set a goal to have 50-100 Patrons by April 2022. If I can get that done, maybe I can also secure an agent at some point in the near future.

This is me taking charge of my writing destiny. If I fail, all I have lost is time.

Watch this space for more updates as my Patreon goes live. (I'll be linking it here as well)

I'm so excited!


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