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I hired my first artist!

Well, don't I feel fancy?! I decided this week that one of my big New Year Goals would be to hire someone to make some art for my little corner of the interwebs, so I went ahead and did it! Hopefully, A Dark Attachment and Dark Ember will have some commissioned art very soon!

I am literally SO EXCITED! It feels like a big step in my author journey. I love having content on my site, so adding original art is amazing. The artwork of my main character for Guardian was commissioned for me as a gift from my bestie. Believe it or not, I had NO idea that was a thing at the time. I've wanted to hire an artist ever since.

There's something about paying someone to create that feels so cool.

Let's see, what else have I been up to this week?

Oh, writing. **gasp** I know, right?

I'm working on a complete revamp of my third novel, titled Broken Eden. It may even have a sequel. Its edging toward being a paranormal romance, but not wholly focused on romance. I'm steering into that skid. Why the hell not? I've written a urban fantasy, an epic fantasy, why not take more romance for a spin?

Also, I started a wee little book club with my work bestie. We're reading the same book right now. I've read it before, but its been forever and I'd forgotten a lot of it. We're gonna continue reading together for a while. Its so much fun to have someone to talk books with, especially reading the same one.

Work is going well on episode two of A Dark Attachment! I love this format. Maybe because I've written fanfiction for so damn long. I'm used to doing things a chapter at a time. Its been fun to turn a little one-shot with nothing attached to it into something fun.

I may do the same thing with my first novel. Or am I going to shelve it? Or self-publish? I have NO idea.

My focus right now is the site, the serial, Dark Ember and Broken Eden. I want to get DE out for query (I've got my agent list and letter ready, working on the synopsis now!) and start another novel

I learn something new with every book I write. I wonder what this one will teach me.

Ok, watch this space, everyone! I'll have a new short up this weekend (likely on Sunday). Its another urban fantasy piece, a little play on the Little Mermaid, but darker. I've been kicking it around for a while and it's almost done.

Subscribe to get updates every time I update the site. I hope everyone has a wonderful weekend!


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