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I didn't let it slow me down

Welp, I got sick last week. Still fighting it, to be honest. I thought, "Here it is. This is the thing that derails me." I've hit all of my writing goals for January so far, so I figured I'd lose track now.

I didn't. I'm so proud of myself. I managed to get the synopsis for Dark Ember done, redid the ending of Dark Ember, and I finished the second episode of A Dark Attachment. Even sneezing my head off, coughing til it hurts, I got it done.

I know it seems small, but I live and breathe goal setting/meeting. Its how I spur myself on.

Oh I also have finished reading a third book so far this year! My book club buddy (*waves*) and I finished up the second book we're reading together. I'm starting the second in that series tonight. I am also reading Brent Weeks' Night Angel series since I read too fast.

Man, I'm devouring books again. It feels so freaking good. That HAS to be why my writing is going so well. I can't stop reading, which lights my imagination up and gets the muse to pulling my hair. I'm so glad I'm back to reading. It makes me so happy.

Still debating putting my first novel up here as a web series, with a possible option to download it as a text file for a small fee. Decisions, decisions. I'm concentrating on A Dark Attachment at the moment, so it wouldn't be for a while yet anyway.

Getting started on my next novel. Woo! Since the pieces are all in place to start the query process with Dark Ember, I get to carve out days of the week for a new draft. Dark Ember is also in the hands of a good friend, I'm hoping she loves it. Now it is time to get this thing in front of agents. I have my list, my letter, and my synopsis ready to go.

Wish me luck.

I'm completely retooling Broken Eden for my next novel. I'm very excited to see where it goes. I can't wait to start with another new world, to see what I can play with this time.

Alright. Time to bathe some kids and get ready for tomorrow.

Be on the look out for A Dark Attachment's next installment posting at 10am January 17th, If you need to read the first installment, click the link below!


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