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Happy Anniversary

I've been married 9 years as of yesterday. I didn't update yesterday, for obvious reasons. We were celebrating.

One tradition my husband and I have tried to follow is 'traditional' gifts. You know, year 1 is paper, year 2 is cotton, etc. One year for copper, I got him these cool mule glasses. I love this tradition because instead of just picking something, you kind of have to use your imagination up against what you know about your spouse.

Year nine is willow/pottery for the traditional gift or leather as a more modern alternative. My husband got me an absolutely GORGEOUS leather (well, faux leather) journal that can be refilled. It has adorable little charms on it, a string closure, and really, really nice paper. I've already started writing in it. I love it. The man knows me, what can I say?

The cool thing most writers understand about new notebooks, is that you immediately want to write stuff down. I've already got my bullet journal key started, notes are being made and productivity is high this morning. I really, really love this thing.

We went to the lake last night, since my in-laws were camping in a beautiful spot. Our girls swam in the lake, we had an awesome meal, and generally enjoyed the evening. We'll do a bit more celebrating over the weekend. Come on, 9 years is a big deal!

One thing I love about my husband is how dedicated he is to MY dream. He may not be a big reader, but man, he's ready for my books. He encourages me to write, to plot, to figure out the holes I built into the story, even if he doesn't remember all of the details to the story. He's my biggest champion when it comes to my writing.

So, I'm gonna definitely put my gorgeous new journal to work.

Oh, and he got me the CUTEST TINIEST little succulent (Yeah, I'm super into succulents. Only plants I can't kill) that looks like a piece of pink coral. Her name is Suzie Q.

Remind me to do an entire blog post about my plants. I can't believe I haven't done so already. I'm kind of obsessed...

Stay safe out there,


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