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Getting Writing Done

Well, I've written a whole chapter in the last two days. I am pretty damn proud of myself. I mean, I didn't hit the deadline I wanted to, but I'm working with that. I got about 1,500 words done since Monday and I'm damn excited.

This week, I'll get to write a scene I've had in my head for almost two years. That is always a fun feeling! As much as I complain about not writing, it does seem to come back to me. I'm happy about that. Hopefully, I can wrap this one up soon. I'm ready for something new for a while until I edit Dark Ember.

Dark Ember is threatening to turn into a series. I gotta kill that impulse, man.

Still working part time, so I'm off today. I still got up at 5am and got my writing done. I'm happy about that.

I finished a re-read of Dark Ember the other day. I still really believe in this book and I am SO CLOSE to the ending. I really have had fun writing this novel. I hope I can get it published.

I may muse later this week on self-publishing, which I am considering since no one has picked up the Guardian. Has it already been a year? I've been querying that novel for what feels like forever. When do I just say ENOUGH and decide to put it out there myself?

Hrm. Damn.

Anyway I've finished my work for the day, Think I'll go clear a dungeon and kill some dragons.

Excerpts from Guardian and Dark Ember this week so keep your eyes peeled!

Stay safe, everyone!


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