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Full Time RV Life

Yep. That's right. My family and I finally made a major move. We're out of the rent race, and hoping to put a down payment on a house in a few months. That being said, we're now living in our RV!

The move itself was rough. Deciding what stays, what goes, what will wait in storage. Guys, I had to put my BOOKS in storage. I'm still twitching. I bubble wrapped those bitches. My precious possessions...but there wasn't room for all of them in here. I did bring a few on my TBR list, and they are happily waiting on the shelf to be used.

I haven't written a thing in weeks. Trapped by stress and constantly busy preparing for the move, my laptop has been quite lonely. Just today I finally started to feel the creativity flowing. Now, I have to play catchup on all my social media and this blog of mine.

I never thought I would be the type to be living at a campground. I mean, I don't even like being outside for longer than about 11 minutes. In the words of Neil Gaiman: "My people, we stay indoors. We have keyboards, we have darkness. Its quiet."

That's me in a few lines. I want to be inside, with my keyboard, Netflix and A/C. (Its Texas. I'll burst into flame without A/C.)

But, this move has brought my life into sharp relief. I'm inundated by rejections (ok, maybe that's exaggerating, but they're still coming in), I'm wrung dry by work (Back to school is ROUGH, ya'll), and I have a little family to care for. Now, I've put all of those things into a space about 26 feet long.

What the hell am I thinking?

We should be in a better financial situation when we're through with our adventure, and if we can get through this close quarters, we can do anything.

Tomorrow, I'm back to my 5am start times. I've got symbiotic dragons that need my attention and more agents to query.

Someone send me another me, and coffee.

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