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Excerpt from Dark Ember



“It’s exceedingly important to eat before you take a portal. Using this kind of magic burns a great deal of energy. It wouldn’t do to have you fainting the second you get to Peralt.”

Rex spooned the stew into his mouth and promptly forgot anyone else existed.

It was, in a word, exquisite. Nothing had ever tasted this good, not that he could ever recall. The meat, which he couldn’t identify offhand, fell apart in his mouth. Savory spices in thick gravy set his taste buds into rapture, warmth spreading from his belly as he swallowed.

Ember wriggled happily in her side of his mind, basking in the warmth coming from the food.

“What is in this?”

Jonas asked the question, making Rex turn toward him. His friend had the same astonished look on his face, his pupils dilated with pleasure.

“Lamb, potatoes, onions, and carrots with a bit of garlic and spices in the gravy.” Sam insisted with a smirk. “Oh, and I slipped in just a little rejuvenation potion for you. It’ll give you strength and energy for the remainder of your journey.”

“That’s amazing.” Jonas continued. “I feel like I could run a damn marathon.”

Rex took another bite, finding the feeling of pleasure and warmth did not lose any of its potency.

He wanted to bathe in the stuff, not only for the flavor but how it made him feel.

Magic was proving to be interesting, indeed.

“The portal is not, shall we say, on the up and up. It will be shaky.”

“Shaky?” Rex asked as he reached for the bread.

“A bit moody, I’d say.” Sam chimed in.

The bread was flaky on the outside and cloud-soft on the inside. Rex held back a groan as he tore into it.

He turned his head with each new speaker, feeling a little like he was watching a tennis match.

“Any kind of magic use requires energy.” Whitworth was saying. If you are going to use magic or allow magic to be cast on you, energy is necessary. A weak mage is often a dead mage.”


Have a super day, y'all!


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