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So, I have one of the best best friends in the ENTIRE world.

No. Seriously.

My bestie and I met online over a decade ago, during a Harry Potter text roleplay game. We bonded over the kind of overbearing admins for the group, went through everything together. It didn't matter that we live on two separate continents. This person is my best friend, my cheerleader, my confidante.

She lives in the UK, I live in the US, but that has never stopped us. We're connected, sisters in a very real way. We've shared just about everything together, even if the first time we met face to face was the week of my wedding.

My best friend is strong, crazy clever, and one of the most imaginative and talented people I have ever had the pleasure of knowing. She and my awesome husband create an unassailable fortress of support for me. I'm so incredibly lucky.

One aspect of our friendship that continuously brings me joy is we can create together. My friend and I have written in a dozen RPGs, with hundreds of characters. We've done some insane things, some heartbreaking stuff, and written things that genuinely make me laugh or cry.

We have always wanted to write a book together. A few years ago, we batted an idea around that, like a lot of things, was eventually abandoned. I am great at starting things, but I flail in endings. My bestie? Total opposite.

So, when she started talking about us collaborating yesterday, I wasn't shocked. We, as always, were in tune. We had a concept inside of, seriously, five damn minutes. In just talking about an idea, I found myself wanting to write, wanting to work. I really hope this comes to something.

Some people golf or go to the movies, this is what we do.

My friend gets down on herself for not writing more. Like me, she has a chronic illness that can interfere with her day to day activities, not to mention writing. I wish she could see herself from my side. I wish she could see how wonderful, how strong, how absolutely brilliant she is. I know anything we could create together would be phenomenal. Even if, as our RPGs, we're the only two who ever see it.

Everyone should be so lucky to have a best friend like mine. Between her and my husband, I seriously hit the damn jackpot.

I'm off to see if I can get some more done with Dark Ember today.


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