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Busy, busy, busy

I dropped off the world again, mainly because my girls have birthdays back to back and that gets a little hairy. I've taken to calling April "Spring Christmas".

The other reason is that I've been editing furiously. I've edited or rewritten almost 20,000 words in the last few weeks. I'm incredibly proud of myself. I'm going to finish this thing BEFORE my self-imposed deadline. I can't believe it.

I ordered Jeff Herman's Guide to Publishers, Editors, & Literary Agents, since it was so highly recommended from Harry Hunsicker, who's seminar in writing query letters was AMAZING. Shout out to Writer Workshops Dallas!

So, I'm preparing to rewrite the ending of my book, to make it less of a cliffhanger so that its more palatable for agents and publishers. The rule being, of course, that series are not published by first time writers. I know there are exceptions to every rule but...I'm erring on the side of caution here.

Of course, embarking on the next phase of my writing career presents its own challenges. I feel more prepared for these challenges now. This year has been one of transformation for me. Making a few lifestyle changes really shifted my entire world. I feel more confident, more motivated. Not only in my writing goals, but my overall health as well. (I've been diligently working on wellness as well).

As someone with a chronic autoimmune disorder, my health is important. It can and has impeded my writing in the past. Its only this year that I have decided I refuse to let that happen. I've been working quite hard on helping my body and mind work together. I'm happy to say I've made a LOT of progress.

So, all in all, I'm happy with myself. For now, I'm going to head off to work. I'm taking Herman with me, we have a lot to talk about.

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