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Broken toe and synopsis hell

Catchy, isn't it?

Yes, I'm pretty sure I have a broken toe and I injured it in the most ridiculous way. While carrying a laundry basket, I kicked the bottom of my daughter's rain boot. I know, right? So, quite a lot of pain and I still have kids to chase, a full time job, and a synopsis to write.

God, the synopsis. I think writing the book was easier. I need to get the synopsis and query letter done, so why does it seem so damn impossible to write this thing?

I'll tell you why. We're walking a fine line between being too vague and adding too much detail. Should I just use the skeleton-outline model and work from that? It might work. Do I need to add in all of the character deaths or just the major one? Do they need some of the plot building,do I leave the villainous twist for the end or go ahead and let that cat out of the bag from the get go?

Maybe I'm overthinking this.

I've written at least 5 novel-length fanfictions. I've written RPGs for over ten years. You'd think I could do this with some semblance of grace, but it feels like someone is shoving metaphorical bamboo shoots up my metaphorical fingernails. Am I being over-dramatic? Yes, but I am a writer, that's sort of my thing.

I'm making some headway and my June 15th deadline is still in sight, so we'll see what happens, I guess!

Back to work. My damn toe is killing me.

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