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Back to School

Now that I'm on the other side of the hell that is back to school....Hello, all.

I haven't written anything in a while. After the move, I had to dive into back to school, which isn't the easiest time for anyone. I had my youngest start preschool, my 7 year old started the second grade and I got a new crop of pre-k kiddos to teach.

My creativity is suffering, but I can feel it bubbling under the surface, trying to break free. I need to get back on my 5am start times, I know. I've been getting up earlier and earlier, which is helping. Hopefully by next week I'll be back on track.

Goals. Gotta have goals.

I'm still setting a few for this new book and queries.

Ugh, queries. Is there anything worse than opening your email, having that little spark of hope when you see a reply from an agent, and then the soul-crushing pain of "Unfortunately, its not for me."

As much as that hurts, I know I have to press on. Some of the writers I love the most have been rejected dozens of times. Intellectually one thing. Spiritually.

I know I keep harping on this. I get that its boring. But I think about these rejections ALL THE DAMN TIME.

Is that why I'm so blocked? Is that why I can't seem to write anything new?

Maybe I need another seminar or something. An infusion of writerly types might be what I need.

Or maybe I need to stop fucking whining and get some shit written?

I have NO idea which sentiment I need.

Send help.

Frustrated writer at old typewriter
Image not mine, found in Google search

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