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Back in Migraine hell

Ugh. I mean, ugh. My brain is trying to get out of my skull. I've been on some medication for a while, but my insurance is doing its song and dance about the injections. I've had this migraine for just about 2 weeks now. Taking various meds while I wait to have my injections refilled. I even had to cancel my COVID vaccine appointment until after we get this mess under control.

That being said, I've been pretty productive. I rewrote a scene for Guardian and I'm working on the ending now. It will be a little more of a cliffhanger, but it leads directly into book 2: The Demon's Genesis.

I suppose I'm working on two books at the moment. I still really want to write my new Versailles meets True Blood, but I've got my main character for Guardian's second book like beating on my brain. Which isn't helpful with the aforementioned migraine.

I have my new copy of the Guide to Literary Agents and I'm marking down which ones to query. I've been advised to hit up the few agents that told me "Good writer, but not for me" with Guardian. Maybe they'll like Dark Ember. Who knows?

Query letters haunt me. I'm no good at summing up. I suck at shorts because I need 5k words to even get to the point. But, I'm not giving up. I'm hoping to take another class on publishing in May, which will help sort me out.

April might be a wash for a couple of reasons. Lots of kiddo birthdays in April! Softball! Work! Easter! Oi! It's always a good month for us, and hopefully with me getting up at 4am my productivity doesn't take a major hit.

On the Dark Ember side, I got some initial feedback. It wasn't bad, really. I got some notes on my main character that confused me, but I think I get what she's saying. I can fix it. But...that's it. She likes my scenery description and thinks the book is interesting. I'm down! I'm hoping to get a paid beta/editor soonish. I love the feedback, even if it makes my ego shrink.

That happen to anyone else?

Alright, back to work. Hopefully back to posting more often when this migraine finally bites the dust.

Have a super day, everyone! Stay safe!


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