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Another milestone

I'm all about the milestones this year. Though I've gotten off track on my fitness goals (vacation, visits, strep, broken toe, I'm not looking for excuses but DAMN), I'm on track with my writing goals.

I told myself to have queried at least 10 agents by June 15th. I made it by June 5th.

I queried some agents I can't believe I had the balls to query. People who's selected works I admire, books I love. I know that its a good thing, that what we write comes from what we love, but sometimes I am I worthy?

I think my writing is great. The book I've written has the potential to break the genre. I hate to toot my own horn, but I know I have written something special.

There are a lot of things against me: I'm a new writer, an untested author. My book is the first in a trilogy. I live in a very non-literary area. I'm not 25 anymore. There are a lot of things that swirl around my head when I'm looking at agent client lists.

What I have to remember is that every writer on the shelves or with a product ready to download has sat where I am sitting. Did they have the same doubts? Did they wonder if they were worthy to be up on shelves alongside authors they admired?

I'm not giving in to negativity. I can't afford to. I have my goals, my dreams, right in front of my eyes. I know I have what it takes. I guess I just really hope someone in the literary community will agree.

Ok. Now that I've met my deadline, I have to set a new one. Lets start a new project, shall we?

Working title is Firedrake. Lets see where this takes us.

10,000 words by June 15th? Lets do it.

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