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Guess who landed back in quarantine? Yeah, me. This time its only 10 days and I had to get tested for my last back surgery of the year on the 10th. Hopefully, this time, I will have some pain relief for a few months, up to a year. I need it.

I've also had to come to a very difficult decision, for me. Though I have held out hope for a traditional publishing deal for my first book (Newly renamed Fractured Guardian), I've had to come to terms with the reality that its unlikely to happen the way I want it to.

I've had positive feedback on my writing style, on my 'talent', so to speak. It always seems that the no's come from a place rooted in my genre. It seems publishers, at least the ones I've dealt with seem to think that there isn't room in the genre or the genre is too niche.

I had a talk with a friend of mine who is writing children's stories. She's been working on getting illustrations done and such, which look amazing. I can't wait to buy her book. She also pushed me to try self-publishing. The timing of this conversation was intriguing, as I'd been toying with the idea myself.

I have always said I didn't want to self-publish, mainly because I cannot afford an editor and a cover designer. But, I've been pushed in a direction where I might get those services without a massive chunk of money up front.

The bottom line is, I want this book out there. Not to toot my own horn (toot), but I know it's a good book. I know it has potential. That isn't just 7 years of work talking. I know its in there. I do.

In any event, I'm now looking into how to properly self-publish. Its a new journey and a new goal for 2021. Lets face it, 2020 didn't do any of us any favors.

So, keep following for more on this next step of my journey. I am definitely nervous and excited!

Stay safe,


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