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When the muse whispers

You know, I've been trying to write a second, though different universe, angel/demon book for like, 3 years. Every time I get ready for it, another idea jumps into my head.

This happened again last week, with my vampire novel taking control. I've pounded out almost 8k words in that time, which is INSANE (and also the product of a *sings* Snow Day!).

This morning, I've been writing again. I'm planning out Memphis' next episode with the charming, gorgeous Duncan at her side. But, this novel is definitely taking me for a ride. It doesn't even have a title. I've never started a novel without a title. Like, what?

For me, this is when I'm happiest. I am not a huge fan of editing or querying. I love drafting, getting the story out of my head and on to paper. There is something quite pure about that particular part of writing.

Since its going well and I'm staying on track with the web serial, I am going to keep right on.

I'm quite enjoying this little turn for paranormal romance. This this has a massive cast of characters, so who knows? Maybe I'll end up with room for a series. That'd be fun.

Going to see if I can get more writing done this morning before the day starts. Also, back to the dentist today for the permanent crown. Yay.


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